How to Get the Best Deal on Hostgator Hosting

These days everyone is looking to save money.  Quality is still the best option but now people want it at a more affordable price.  If you know where to look, you can find great deals on Hostgator hosting products. Here, we provide you with the details on how you can have quality and still stay within your budget. This is how to get the best deal on Hostgator hosting.

It only makes sense that quality is going to cost a little extra, but it is worth it when the success of your business is on the line. Hostgator is one of the top companies in the business, according to, and they have won numerous awards to prove it. They have around the clock customer support that is available by live chat, e-mail and phone.

With Hostgator, you have several options in packages and price. A basic Reseller hosting package starts at just $19.95/month while a dedicated server can cost as much as $299.00/month.  While packages can vary slightly, all come with free unlimited bandwidth and disc space, free templates and unlimited domain names.  As an extra bonus, if you sign up now, you will receive a Google Adwords card worth $100.00.

Right now, all new accounts get a discount of 20% off. This applies to new customers and existing customers opening a new account.  This discount only applies to hosting, but it does not limit the number of months. So, if you sign up for only one month, you only get that month at a discount. But, if you want to know how to get the best deal on Hostgator hosting, you might want to consider signing up for a year’s worth of hosting and get the entire year at a discounted rate.

Coupon clipping is another way to save some money.  At the moment there is a coupon; gatorbargain is good for $9.95 off of any package values under $49.70.   Use this coupon if you are opening with an account called Baby or Hatchling.  If you do you will get the first month for only a penny. If you are placing a new order, use coupon giantsaver. This gives you 25% off any new account.

If you are satisfied with Hostgator, then don’t be shy about telling others.  Each new account that results from a referral is worth $50.00 to the one doing the referring.  This is a great opportunity to earn a little extra income.

Coupons do have expiration dates so make sure that yours are still good. Most coupons are good for about three months. It is okay if yours has expired.  Hostgator is constantly updating their system and there is always a few new coupons and/or discounts being added.  The new coupon codes will appear when you sign up.

Hostgator offers a money back guarantee that is good for 45 days from the start of the service. This even applies to the penny priced Baby hosting and Hatchling hosting. But, you probably won’t need it as Hostgator has been awarded 5 stars in the area of customer support.

Understanding HostGator Coupons

HostGator hosting is one of the most respected companies in the industry today.  They provide the latest web technology presented in an easy to use format. So, whether you are a newcomer to web hosting or just looking to change your hosting company, chances are that you will be satisfied with what you get at HostGator. While quality is of the upmost importance, oftentimes priority is given to staying within a strict budget.  Luckily, with HostGator coupons and discounts you can get quality and stay within your budget.

If you sign up now you can take advantage of their 20% off coupon.  This coupon is good for new customers as well as returning customers who are setting up a new account.  This coupon is good for all hosting. You can use this coupon only once when you sign up, and it is good for an unlimited number of new sites. So, to get the most out of this coupon, make sure to sign up for more than one month.  To receive this coupon, simply follow the sign up wizard through to the end, your coupon code will pop up on its own.

There are two other HostGator coupons that should not be passed up. Coupon code gatorbargain is worth $9.95 on any hosting package valued under $50.00.  If you use this coupon on a Baby Hosting or Hatchling Plan, your first month will only cost you a penny. Plus, you still get a 45 day money back guarantee.

If you’re a new customer you may wish to take advantage of the coupon code giantsaver.  This will give you 25% off any new hosting.

HostGator is now offering a special offer to those wanting a dedicated server. Sign up now for and receive free Plesk and Cpanels.

If you are happy with your HostGator service, then be sure to take advantage of their referral program. Referrals that turn into new business for the company are rewarded with the person making the referral receiving $50.00

Most coupon codes are valid from 60 to 90 days.  Discounts and specials are constantly being updated on the site. It is best to check HostGator frequently in order to catch the special offers that suit you best.

Hostgator Hosting Plan Features

Hostgator Hosting plans offer award winning services to individuals and businesses in need of a web host provider.   This company provides the latest and best technologies to those striving to develop their web-based businesses to the fullest.

Hostgator started out as a small company. In fact, it was started by a college student and he worked out of his dorm room.  Today, critics rave about this company and they have won numerous awards on a prestigious level.  This company prides itself in its knowledgeable staff and superior customer service. All hosting plans come with a money back guarantee, so there is no need to worry about not being satisfied.

The startup wizard is easy to understand.  New users get to design their own web space with a large amount of free templates to choose from.  All plans come with an unlimited amount of disk space and unlimited Bandwidth. There is no limit to the number of domains that an account user can have.  There is also unlimited e-mail in all Hostgator hosting plans. Users can also download an app which enables them to receive e-mail on their cell phone.  There are also automatic response apps for e-mails.

E-commerce businesses enjoy the many apps available for their use.  Shopping carts enable shoppers to keep track of their purchases and check out easily.  They may also take advantage of free blog space, forms for shopper registration and counters.  Customer information is safely guarded because there are layers of protection in place.   Data is safely guarded in several ways. Firewall protection comes standard with each site. Hostgator automatically backs up all data on a weekly basis.

Users are in control of their websites. This is made capable by the use of easy to learn technology, simple apps and website control panels. Users can keep track of their own error reports, the number of visitors to their site and the up time, among other things.

The Reseller Hosting plan starts at under $20.00 a month.  This plan is for those individuals who want to start their own hosting business. With this plan users can build their own websites under their own brand name.  They can also use their own features and special products. The user gets to keep 100% of their profits.

Managed VPS hosting services starts at $15.95 a month. This is an excellent package for those just starting up their businesses.  With Managed VPS, the user gets the power of a dedicated hosting at a cheaper price. A great addition to this package is that it allows the user to upgrade software and apps as their business continues to grow.

Dedicated servers are for those that require a server all their own. A dedicated server gives a business more power and speed.  There are several price options in this category.  Prices range from $139 to $299 per month. The difference in price is dependent upon bandwidth, the amount of memory and the number of servers.

There are usually coupons and specials that can help you save money when you open a new account.

Hostgator VPS Review

Perhaps you want the benefits of a dedicated server but not the cost of one. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) can fill the gap between function and price. One of the top hosting companies is Hostgator. They have come out winners in reviews of their other services. Here we will see how they stack up in this Hostgator VPS review.

First, we will go over the basics. Hostgator VPS comes standard with an ideal package which features software from some of the top names in the business including Dell, Comcast, and Time Warner. The set up wizards are relatively easy to use and the user can customize their web site to their liking. The control panel is easy to access and use. Applications can be customized to suit the user.

Users rave about the customer service. One person wrote that they always get a live person when they phone in for customer support. Those choosing to reach customer support via email report an average wait time (for an answer) of about twenty minutes. All reviewers state that the customer support staff is knowledgeable and professional. Support staff is available every hour of every day, every day of the week, and every week of the year.

One person giving a Hostgator VPS review said that, at first, they had their doubts that Hostgator could deliver all that they promised. They were pleasantly surprised. They now recommend Hostgator to all their friends and business associates.

Other reviewers state that they were impressed by the security features. Security comes in multiple layers and firewalls. The company provides once a week, routine data backup. Users say they like the secure feeling of knowing that all of their data is safe in the unlikely event of a crash. The only security feature that is rated less than ideal is the spam filter.

Hostgator VPS offers up an outstanding package of unlimited applications. Users get as many domain names and sub domains as they want. Email accounts come in an unlimited amount.

A user posted a review saying that they love Hostgator VPS and recommend it to all of their friends. Users give this VPS an average rating of five stars. This is despite minor problems with spam blocking technology, price and ease of use. New comers to the web business have said they have had some problems learning the software, but eventually learned it without too much hassle. Users with more experience do not report having any issues with the start up wizards and software apps.

Peer reviews are excellent and Hostgator has won a ton of awards. awarded this company with its’ Best Webhosting award in 2010. is one of the fastest growing web review sites. It puts emphasis on independent reviews. has given Hostgator two consecutive awards; one for being the top webhost and one for being the best reseller host. provides consumers with unbiased reviews of web companies. They praised this company as being in the top twenty-five web hosting companies.

Understanding Hostgator Prices

Hostgator is a leader in the web hosting business.  They offer reliable service, high quality applications and superior customer support; all at a reasonable price.  So, no matter what your needs, Hostgator has a plan that will help you reach your business goals. Hostgator prices range from under $20.00 to under $300.00 for an introductory period.  But you can save money with taking advantage of discounts and coupons.

If you are looking for the high quality and dependable service of a large corporation, but want the friendly customer support of a small business, than this is the company for you.  Hostgator started out in one man’s college dorm room.  Since then, it has grown into a large company of over 300 employees working out of a large, state of the art building.  They are now in the Top Ten hosting companies, yet they maintain the values and feel of a small company.  Each new service packages comes with a 45 day money back guarantee.

Hostgator prices vary by package.  Each package comes with the essentials at no extra cost. Bandwidth and disk space is one of the first things everyone wants to know about. Here, both are unlimited.   Domains, sub domains and e-mail accounts are also unlimited.

All packages come with easy to use building wizards.  State of the art software allows the user to stay on top of their website with error logs, number of visitors, etc.  Users can create and personalize their own web pages by using one or more of the over 4,500 templates and over 50 different scripts. Transfers from an old hosting company are done for free. In most cases, you can still use your old domain.

Those owning an e-commerce business will like the many apps that will empower their growing business: shopping carts, blogs and visitation counters.  Customer information is protected through several layers including spam blockers and password protection.

Prices range between $19.96 and $299.00 per month.   Reseller hosting starts at an introductory price of $19.96.  This plan is for those wanting to start up their own web hosting business.  This plan allows the user to open unlimited websites with an unlimited amount of domains.  The VPS hosting package starts at only $15.95.  This is an option for those wanting to bridge the gap between reseller hosting and having a dedicated server. Dedicated servers range in price from $139.00 to $299.00 per month.  The difference in package prices is because each package offers a different cores, memory amounts, and bandwidth.

You can save money by using one of coupons offered.  Currently, there is a 20% discount being offered to all new orders (and this applies to new customers as well as current customers who are opening a new account).  At the moment Hostgator is offering free Plesk to all new orders for dedicated servers. Coupons, discounts and specials are always changing.  So make sure that you check periodically in order to get the best price.  Coupon codes are usually good for one to three months.

Hostgator Reviewed

Hostgator is said to be one of the best hosting companies around today.  They are praised for having outstanding customer support, reliable service, and the latest cutting edge technology.  They are commended for being a green company for their use of wind power to offset emissions.  But what is being said by critics and users in Hostgator reviewed articles?

Their peers seem to be crazy about Hostgator and this is evidenced by the numerous awards they have been given. It is said that they are among the top ten hosting companies in the world.  Inc. 5000 have listed them in the top 25 growing companies in the United States. (The company went from one employee to over 300 in just a few years). They have won several awards given by computer professionals as well as awards voted on by users.

How is Hostgator reviewed by its customers?  Again, they are given rave reviews with customers citing superior customer support, dependable technology, and reliable service.

One user said he switched to Hostgator because he was not satisfied with his old hosting company.  He stated that the old company let his site crash and it took three days for them to get it back up.  This person ran an ecommerce business and he said that he lost a lot of money during the crash.  They now use only Hostgator and have had no problems.  They said their site was up and running in no time.  They were allowed to keep their old domain name.  Plus, they used coupons and discounts to save money on their initial purchase with Hostgator.

Another reviewer was ecstatic over the excellent customer support. There are three ways to reach Customer Support: by phone, by email and on live chat.  No matter the method used, all customers said that the staff was knowledgeable and professional. Problems were usually fixed within a matter of minutes. One customer said that they especially like the fact that they reach a live person right away when they phone, vs. getting an automated answering machine.  Another said that the most she has ever waited to get an email response was 20 minutes.

There seems to be some mixed reviews about how easy it is to understand the set up wizard and software.  People who are novices have said that it took some time to get a handle on the software, while more experienced users have reported having no problems setting up their website.

Hostgator has a secure network with many layers of user security including password protection, spam blocker, and routine weekly backups. Some users say that the spam blocker is not the best, but insist that financial information is secure. All users say that they are fully satisfied with Hostgator, despite some minor problems.

On average, customers rate this company with 4 1/2 to 5 stars. Hostgator offers a 45 day money back guarantee. The CEO of Hostgator has been known to personally step in and handle tough issues that arise, thus assuring the integrity of the company.